About Us
The Catholic Bishop’s Joint Bioethics Committee is a unique body, set up by the three Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of the United Kingdom and Ireland.
The Committee acts as advisors to and agents of, the Bishops’ Conferences in bioethical matters.
The aims of the Committee are as follows:
To Monitor current issues in the field of bioethics and discern about the moral implications.
To Promote within the Catholic community attitudes in keeping with the Church’s teaching and to communicate these ideas to the wider public.
To reflect the Church’s teaching on pro-life issues independently of the stance and approach of particular pro-life organisations.
To contribute to the development of a Catholic approach to the moral issues of the day through, co-operation with the agencies of the Holy See and other Catholic bodies.

The full Committee meets twice each year in the Spring and Autumn. Between meetings, the work of the Committee is continued through Working Groups and by interaction within a network of experts in various fields, helping the bishops to be well informed on the topical issues of the day.

Matters for the consideration of the Committee should be communicated to the secretary