The following sites provide much useful and helpful information, but the Bioethics Committee does not necessarily agree with all of the content
Cures Without Clones
This website provided comprehensive listings of recent success stories in stem cell research. We list a wide range of disorders for which there is real promise for future treatment throught the use of adult stem cells.

Do No Harm
Defending vulerable people's right to live.


World Federation of Doctors who respect human life

To uphold the Hippocratic tradition, to support doctors and health personnel who are discriminated against because they uphold that tradition and to call for legal protection for all members of the human race, from conception/fertilisation until natural death, in accordance with the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and the Declaration of the Righs of the Child 1959.


The Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction

was built in 1985 as a direct response to the appeal by Pope Paul VI in his encyclical letter, Humanae Vitae, issued in July 1968. This encyclical addressed Church teaching in the areas of married love and fertility regulation. This was based on a theology of marriage and the family and on an understanding of the human and spiritual dimensions of conjugal love. It was based on the fundamental principle that love and life should never be separated.


Catholics in Healthcare

is a new and developing web-based resource designed to help Catholics working in health and social care fields in England and Wales to network with others, access resources and support, and live out their vocation as skilled, effective and committed care workers.



The aim of this web site is to show that there is a scientific experimental basis as well for distinguishing between a human embryo and a non-embryonic biological artifact, as for determining that the human embryo is a person possessing human rights.